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Letter From Under Secretary Keith Krach to the Governing Boards of American Universities

Studies have shown that the majority of the U.S. university endowment fund portfolios own PRC stocks listed on American exchanges either directly or indirectly through emerging markets index funds.


Communist Chinese Military Companies Listed Under E.O. 13959 Have More Than 1,100 Subsidiaries

Citizens around the world are waking up to the truth about the CCP’s three-prong strategy of concealment, co-option, and coercion. The CCP’s concealment of the virus resulted in the pandemic, its co-option of Hong Kong has eviscerated the freedoms of its citizens, and its relentless coercion of the Uyghur people has continued in the brutal internment camps of Xinjiang.


Protect the American Investor From Financing CCP’s Surveillance State

Under Secretary of State has championed the cause to protect the average American from unknowingly funding the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses


Protecting American Investors — Chinese Stocks on U.S. Stock Exchanges

The road to security regulation internationalization was based on the principle that all sellers played by the same rules. The continuing emergence of Chinese state owned enterprises on the American based New York and NASDAQ exchanges is stacking the deck against American companies and intensifying the risks that investors are taking.


$2 Trillion Invested in Chinese Companies, but US Investors Have No Visibility or Control

The Variable Interest Entity structure enables Chinese companies to sell US investors shares in Cayman Island shell companies. Investors have no visibility or control over the real companies located in China.


Keith Krach and Biden “Chief Technology Protection Officer” Alan Estevez Discuss Advancing Freedom Through Trusted Tech

The Atlantic Council and the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue jointly hosted an exclusive briefing featuring U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez and Global Tech Security Commission co-chair and former Under Secretary of State Keith Krach.

By: Keith Krach


Here Comes the Sun: ESG and Dirty Solar Supply Chains

As ESG investment has increased, the supply chain for solar panels has become deeply entangled in the ongoing genocide against the Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim peoples.


Keith Krach and Gen. Stanley McChrystal on safeguarding global innovation

With 5G technology and quantum computing to artificial intelligence and energy infrastructure, how can the United States embrace the latest global technologies while safeguarding our national security?


Overview of US Export Control Regulations

The US Government controls exports of sensitive equipment, software and technology as a means to promote our national security interests and foreign policy objectives.


US Hits China with Sweeping Tech Export Controls

New controls bar US companies from exporting critical chip manufacturing tools to China, which will affect groups such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co and ChangXin Memory.


Biden Signs Executive Order to Ensure Reviews of National Security Risks by Committee on Foreign Investment

First-Ever Presidential Directive Defining Additional National Security Factors for CFIUS to Consider in Evaluating Transactions


Xi’s ESG Boom Funnels Billions Into Coal, Liquor, Defense Stocks

Assets in China’s ESG funds have doubled since 2021, lifted by Beijing’s growing emphasis on poverty alleviation, renewable power and energy security.