Digital Transformation

To drive technological leadership in critical sectors of national security, the US government must dedicate a larger portion of the budget to R&D. US research and defense spending, especially technologies that have commercial applications, can be compounded by deploying co-investing mechanisms that harness the power of private sector capital, and that of our closest technological allies.

Co-investing companies will receive the benefits of advanced access to technology and gain economies of scale through R&D cost sharing, both with other companies and with public research dollars.

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Digital Transformation, AI Important in Keeping Battlefield Edge

Defense Department officials discussed the importance of digital transformation and artificial intelligence in enabling warfighters to maintain a battlefield advantage, even as China and Russia develop their own AI for military purposes. 


National Security In A Digital World

The digital revolution has transformed the national security environment. Mastering the arts of peace and war in the digital world will be the epic challenge of the 21st century.