Manufacturing Base

America’s National Security Industrial Base (NSIB) has propelled our military and security might for over two centuries. In our modern world, malicious foreign actors are working around the clock to erode America’s competitive advantages in crucial national security areas of focus, including by stealing our own technologies and capabilities and investing in future technologies to gain the long-term upper hand.

A healthy industrial base is a critical element of US power. The ability of the military to surge in response to an emergency depends on our nation’s ability to produce needed parts and systems, healthy and secure supply chains, and a skilled US workforce. The erosion of American manufacturing over the last two decades has had a negative impact on these capabilities and threatens to undermine the ability of US manufacturers to meet national security requirements.

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Mapping the National Security Industrial Base Center for Strategic and International Studies

This report outlines elements of the National Security Industrial Base (NSIB) and how a commercially driven innovation differs from a defense-centric approach to technology.


America’s Depleted Industrial Base Is a National Security Crisis

The U.S. needs to fix vulnerabilities in the military’s supply chain and build a more capable manufacturing workforce.