Media and Disinformation

Media has come to play a pivotal role in shaping narratives, projecting soft power and influencing global perceptions. It encompasses the creation, distribution and consumption of information and entertainment, and its landscape is rapidly evolving due to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain. These technologies are reshaping how content is produced, delivered and experienced. For example, AI-powered algorithms curate personalized news feeds potentially reinforcing filter bubbles and altering information consumption patterns. Virtual reality enables immersive storytelling, transforming the way audiences engage with narratives. Meanwhile, blockchain can enhance transparency and trust in content verification and distribution.

As society becomes increasingly interconnected, the responsible integration of emerging technologies in media is pivotal to ensure ethical reporting, safeguard against misinformation and foster meaningful interactions. Effective media strategies that embrace emerging technologies are crucial to navigating the evolving media landscape and shaping a more informed, connected and responsible global society.

Commissioner for Media

Harris Diamond

Fmr Chmn & CEO McCann Worldgroup; Fmr CEO, Weber Shandwick

Commissioner for Media

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