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The future of global tech security

The Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub and Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue make a special announcement about a new joint effort to protect global tech security and democracy in the face of growing techno-authoritarianism.

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Economic future of U.S. depends on making engineering cool

Leading the visitors on a tour of the high-tech lab, Engineering Professor Zhihong Chen mentioned that Purdue could really use some donated chipmaking equipment as it scrambles to expand semiconductor education.

Economic future

Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue Names Michelle Giuda as Director

Michelle Giuda joins the Institute from Weber Shandwick, where she served as Executive Vice President of Geopolitical Strategy & Risk, counseling clients on how to prepare for and address the impact of geopolitical issues on their businesses and reputations.

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Silicon Valley Innovator Keith Krach Calls on Universities to Withdraw Investments in Communist China

Krach said the universities are trustworthy institutions but they don’t realize Chinese companies have enforced unfair and inhuman labors to make products they have procured and that those companies are actually part of CCP military.

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Boot Chinese Stocks From ESG Funds, Former State Department Official Says

The case study notes that Chinese solar panels are largely produced in Xinjiang, where the Uyghur genocide is taking place, and many of these companies, if not all, are likely implicated in the use of forced Uyghur labor.

ESG-compliant Chinese Stocks Uyghur genocide American capital markets

EU-Taiwan relations continue to expand in the framework of the One China Policy

The symbolic dimension is always a sensitive and salient issue when we talk about Taiwan as it was clearly illustrated by Lithuania’s recent decision to upgrade its relationship with the island.

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CCP Congress Outcome May Lead China on Warpath Against Taiwan: Analysts

Krach said that ancient Chinese military strategy has dictated that the regime hide its strength and bide its time—which is exactly what CCP leaders since Mao have been doing.

Global Financial System Warpath Against Taiwan Chinese Communist Party Supply Chain

Washington insiders launch Quad fund to take on China

This is the right thing at the right time. We need to put together something that transcends the administrations of all four Quad countries and which advances those countries’ national security interests

Quad fund Washington The Clean network Military Aggression

China’s cyber assault on Taiwan

Politicians and cybersecurity experts in Taiwan tell 60 Minutes that China has begun a cyber offensive through hacking and disinformation.

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DisrupTV Episode 296, Perry Hewitt, Keith Krach, Roger Premo

Keith Krach is an American businessman, former diplomat and economist. He is the former chairman and CEO of DocuSign and co-founded Ariba.

US Must Build Trust to Counter CCP Authoritarianism: Nobel Nominee

This “trust principle,” Krach said, was at the heart of his work with the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue University, a bipartisan initiative aimed at bridging gaps in knowledge and experience between innovators and policymakers, and for which he has been nominated for a 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

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A Partnership Approach to America’s International Economic Relations

As a rich and powerful nation, the United States has a moral obligation to provide humanitarian assistance around the globe. And we have done so, from both public and private sources, more than any other nation. But beyond that, the United States must focus its aid on countries that are strategically relevant to it.

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Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Nury Turkel and Global Tech Security Commission Co-Chair Keith Krach Deliver Briefing on Uyghur Genocide Divestment Movement

Keith is a prominent voice for those who have been subject to human rights abuses, and his calls to action have been described as groundbreaking by the Uyghur community.

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